SCI Pharr Female Welder

Meet Leslie – Woman Welder – SCI Spotlight | SCI Blog

Leslie never considered welding before starting at SCI. She is an artist in Pharr, TX that painted with acrylics and did graphic design, but then she had a friend that thought she’d be great because of her attention to detail. Did you know women often make awesome welders because of their tendency to have great attention to detail? We’re proud …

Meet Welding Student Alejandro G - SCI San Antonio North

Meet Alejandro G – Build Something – SCI Spotlight

Alejandro once hopped from job-to-job, but when his daughter came into the picture, he knew he wanted to be grounded. He saw an opportunity when the welding program opened up at Southern Career Institute San Antonio North campus. With no former experience in metal-working or soldering, he went all in. “Welding stood out to me as something I could learn, …

Southern Careers Institute Community Career Fair

SCI’s Community Career Fair

Meet Diana, Hector and Kimberly, three SCI students who have gone through their programs, put in hours of studying, and worked hard to learn the job skills needed for their new careers. Now with their upcoming graduations, employment was front of mind for all of them. Fortunately for these three SCI students, they attended the recent SCI Community Career Fair. They, and many others, …

Save up to $7,000 With 3 Grants You May Qualify For!

  Seasons Greetings from Southern Careers Institute! In the spirit of giving, SCI wants to give back in a MAJOR way! Check out our Special Holiday Grants! You could be eligible for up to $7,000 in grants! Don’t miss out, Your Future is waiting! Check out our video for more details!

medical assistant programs in corpus christi

Medical Assistant Programs in Corpus Christi Need You!

Medical Assistant Programs in Corpus Christi Want You! There has never been a better time to look into attending one of the great medical assistant programs in Corpus Christi. The U.S. medical field has been experiencing huge growth over the last few years. People are living longer and are requiring assistance from health care facilities all across the country. This …

medical assistant programs in corpus christi

Medical Assistant Programs in Corpus Christi Want You!

A career in a medical environment offers variety far beyond the job of a doctor or nurse. Hospitals, clinics, health centers, nursing homes, and schools need trained professionals to assist in providing quality healthcare to patients. The job of a medical assistant can vary greatly, depending upon the size and scope of the practice that employs you. It also depends on …

vocational schools in corpus christi texas

5 Things You’ll Want From Vocational Schools In Corpus Christi Texas

Deciding on a vocational education is a huge step in the right direction. Ten years from now, your earnings will be significantly greater than if you stay with a job that only requires a high school diploma. Vocational training is an exciting opportunity, offering many options. You can complete an entire educational program in less than a year while working at your current …