Software Developer Online Program

Software Developer Course Overview

33-Week Online Career Training Program

Our Software Developer curriculum prepares our graduates to excel in a high-demand field of technology as a Full-Stack Web Developer. You will graduate our program in just 33 weeks knowing sought-after skills in all areas of web application architecture & computer science principles using modern tools & the latest technologies available.

This is not a traditional coding bootcamp. While coding bootcamps have recently hit the landscape by force, there is a difference between teaching you how to code and preparing you to become a professional software developer in the world of start-ups and technology companies.

The online Software Developer program at SCI-tech Academy is geared specifically to get you career ready, and provide you with a competitive advantage to launch your career in coding and achieve the outcome you are seeking.

If you’re looking to make a career shift, trying to land a job at a local start-up, or looking to become an entrepreneur, the Software Developer program can prove to be a valuable investment.

Start Your Career in Coding

Gain the relevant skills to become a professional software developer.

Our Curriculum

Our high-quality coding instructors combine a solid foundation and framework alongside specific language expertise with the goal of helping you gain a solid grasp of coding and software development. Preparing you for real world web development from day one.

Coding from Stratch

Basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Source Control

Front-End Foundations

Advanced concepts of HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Programming Foundations

Advanced programming concepts with choice of JavaScript & C#

Front-End Frameworks

Front-end frameworks & Single Page Web Applications (SPA) with AngularJS

Back-End Services

Introduction to concepts of Cyber Security & creating server-side web servers & services with choice of Node/Express or ASP .NET


Database concepts, theory, & an overview of various implementations & architectures

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications (iOS/Android), Angular & Cordova, and Responsive Design

Agile Project Management

Principles of managing software projects & teams, cloud hosting, and application deployment

Individual & Group Projects

Develop projects with a front-end interface & a back-end server with a data store while working as an Agile Project Team

Financial Aid Options Available

We will help you understand your financial aid options to make your career education affordable.

Skill Badges

Skill Badges for our Software Developer program are earned while you are going through the course to showcase specific hard and soft skills you have excelled while at SCI-tech.

They highlight the specific competencies that employers expect and require from new hires. It’s a perfect way show specific skills which you excel at– and demonstrate to a prospective manager that you have the have competency and a well-rounded blend of skills needed to thrive in the workforce.

Start Your Career in Coding

Gain the relevant skills to become a professional software developer.