Student Career Services

SCI’s Student Career Services Team is Here to Assist You With Getting Your Foot in the Door.

At Southern Careers Institute, we have an education career services team at each campus to assist you with launching your new career after you graduate. They offer a variety of valuable services, such as: resume building, job readiness training, interviewing techniques, they bring in guest speakers, and so much more!

In addition, SCI’s college career services team works with local employers to match employers’ needs with our graduates’ skills. The career services team is available to all our graduates. Just like any other family, the SCI family is here for you.

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SCI Connect

SCI Job Readiness Training

We’ve developed a proprietary student career services portal called SCI Connect. SCI Connect helps students and employers.

Employers post jobs for SCI students, and SCI students are able to create a personalized profile with your resume, skill badges, work experience, and videos of you performing tasks to do the job to help illustrate your skills in action. Now when a student walks into an interview, they feel confident that the employer knows what you’re really capable of.

No other school has a platform quite like SCI Connect and it free for SCI students.

Job Readiness Training

SCI Job Readiness Training

At Southern Careers Institute, job readiness training is available to all our graduates to help them make the transition from being a student to obtaining an entry-level position in their chosen career field. It can be quite a big change, but the SCI family is here for you every step of the way. This training includes resume preparation, interviewing techniques, job search skills, and more.

SCI Resources

SCI Resources

As part of the SCI family, we’re here for you – whether it’s in the classroom or beyond. Southern Careers Institute provides students and graduates with access to the resources needed to assist with childcare, housing, transportation, and more. We also provide tutoring services to students during non-class hours to assist them with any material they may need help with while completing their program. In addition, all students are provided with access to computers, printers, and other technology available at the various campus locations.